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Diana Silva Franco

Communicate to Inspire

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Diana Silva Franco

Ready to shine?

We have a mistaken idea of who we are.  

We believe there is a fixed, immutable, innate identity. Yet if we look deeper, we find that we are a work in progress, constantly evolving. And we alone are responsible for shaping our identity. 

In this showcase you will find the talents, skills, ideas and solutions that I choose to express and share with you today. 

They all have the same goal: to help entrepreneurs, NGOs, public-private initiatives and foundations spread positive, motivating, inspiring messages that can improve the quality of life of their audience… Or change it completely! 

«It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.»

Alice in Wonderland


Communication Consultant

Do you want to improve your communication skills?

Communicating is much more than using words. Communicating goes from how we move, our ability to listen, the eye contact we make and the emotions we trigger.

Communication and content strategy design

Before uncovering the value of your initiative, company or institution, you need a clear message, allies to multiply your voice and a strategy to amplify your reach.

Let’s explore your unique voice

We all have a story to tell and it is important that it is expressed authentically and coherently. That is only possible when you know who you are and what makes you unique.


For individuals  

Personal branding. Profile building. Entrepreneurial identity. Content creation for web/blog/social networks.

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For organizations

internal communication

Training and creation of manuals: Storytelling, Integral Communication, Effective Teams, Optimization of virtual tools, Intercultural Communication, among others. 

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For organizations

External communication

Communication strategy. Content strategy. Editorial calendars. Content creation in different formats. Corporate identity and key messages. Crisis communication. Media management. Presentations and public speaking. 

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You saw me, the truest me. You saw my inner fire, and fanned those flames into a blaze. I couldn’t have chosen a better creative partner! Thank you for hearing me, brainstorming with me and championing my vision for how I want to share my stories and Spiritual Intelligence work. Beyond your decades of comms expertise, I love your sass, badassery, and multi-faceted intelligence. Each creative retreat was filled with brilliance, laughter, and juicy work. I look forward to working with you, and Comunicar Para Inspirar, again and again!

Working with Diana/Communicate to Inspire was easy, simple and this is really important in these cases (having gone through other tedious experiences). She interpreted our needs very quickly, in an interview that was more like a pleasant chat and then was fulfilling what we agreed in the agreed time. Diana is a talented person, who really has the gift of communicating values, very empathetic, warm, always with a smile and a lot of enthusiasm that is contagious to those who work with her.  

Diana put into words everything I wanted to convey to my ideal client in a simple, clear and beautiful way. Communication is essential for any organization, so it is important to deliver the message you craft in a precise way. Diana has the talent to build with words the structure of any organization to make it known in any environment, in addition to teaching me how to express myself better, for effective communication and thus better results in meetings with peers or customer service. I am more than grateful for her guidance, her knowledge and her warmth for me and my business.

Victoria Alippi, Entrepreneur

Discovering “Communicate to Inspire” has marked a before and after in both my work and personal life. Diana is a professional capable of empowering ideas and harnessing the power of words to carry them out in the most effective and efficient way. In addition, she contributed actively and passively in my process of introspection and reinvention, making me understand that I am my main project and that work successes will be a direct consequence of understanding who I am, what my priorities are and that the only constant is that I am constantly evolving.

Luis Enrique Medina Méndez, SEO Consultant

I met Diana in LevelUp, a program created by UCEMA, HSBC and MERCER to promote women with ambition. 


In one of the classes we discussed networking and influence generation, especially on Linkedin. At that time my profile on the network was unattractive and I needed to update it, so I took note of everything that was discussed. Suddenly Diana began to unfold her experience in this network, and at that very moment I decided that she would be the person who would accompany me in the process of putting together a complete Linkedin profile. 


Throughout the sessions we addressed, step by step, all the points to take into account: from the profile picture and the summary, to the target audience and the topics I wanted to write about. 


The remarkable thing about Diana is that from the first meeting she invited me to explore myself, to ask myself questions such as: who am I; how do they see me; how do I see myself; what are my values; and from that place I started to design my Linkedin profile. 

Maria Cecilia De Bisschop, LevelUp Alumni

«The key is to align ourselves with the message to be communicated. In this way we convey the idea and emotion and connect with our audience»

Diana Silva Franco

Travel is my passion. Communicating is my superpower…

I believe that a trip begins when we plan it, feeds on the experiences lived at the destination and culminates when we turn it into a chronicle, so that those who read it can share a bit of that magic. 

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