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Common Humanity: Emotions and Feelings Frame Our Communication Processes

An interview about corporate communications and how the language barrier can make it easier or harder takes a beautiful turn to focus on how the very things that make us human can help us communicate even if the language skills are limited. Barbara Boldt and I met on LinkedIn. We exchanged comments and messages, and soon she invited me to her podcast “Confluence”. We had planned on talking about management, corporate dynamics, and language, highlighting the role culture plays in communications and relationships. But, being the reflective, sensitive humans we are, the conversation took a different path after a few minutes. “We want to be heard, we want to be seen, we want to be loved, we want to be respected, and the moment you connect with other people from that place, you connect with the other human.” Common humanity is a term I learned when I was doing the

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Chronicles of an endless journey thought Argentina (III)

The beautiful views El Calafate gave to me were more than a gift, every new place and person I met were reminders of how great the world can be when one feels free and happy. That was the purpose of this journey, and I knew it was about to get better. Is not that I wanted to say goodbye to El Calafate, but just thinking of finally stepping on the End of the World was too exciting to postpone it! Arriving to the Argentinian End of the World is as difficult as you can think. You have to go to Río Gallegos (the scary ghost town I wrote about in my second post!) then get on a bus, enter Chile, cross the “Estrecho de Magallanes” by ferry, enter Argentina, and then, you are there. It was a long, long trip, only enlightened by the sympathy and politeness of the Captain

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Chronicles of an endless journey through Argentina (II)

During the first part of my Patagonian journey, I learned to be free, to overcome my fear of water and even more important, to enjoy silence. By the time I got on the bus to Río Gallegos, I already felt better about myself and was ready to keep going south, so I did not mind too much about being the only person traveling alone in a bus full of couples and groups of friends. The best part of traveling alone is that people come and talk to you; they want to help and show you things. That’s why it didn’t surprise me when the second driver woke me up in the middle of the night, telling me “Miss, look out the window, hurry!” Half asleep, I opened the curtain and saw the most amazing sky, filled with millions of stars. The sky in Caleta Olivia (a small oil town, 707

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Chronicles of an Endless Journey Through Argentina (I)

I landed in Buenos Aires on a spring morning, to enjoy a break from my workaholic behaviour and get over my unfinished postgraduate degree. I had a very clear idea of what I needed: to hit bottom! And there I was, on my way down south.   According to the map, the “End of the World” is located at the Argentinian Patagonia. Arriving there can be a quick, easy flight or a long-exercise-of-patience bus ride. Choice made: At the Retiro Bus Station, I started my 20 hours-long trip, going through narrow Patagonian roads that would take me further than ever…Alone.   Trelew was my first destination, a town in Chubut province that I became aware of by watching Francis Mallmann´s cooking shows. As soon as I stepped out of the bus, @Sebastian and @Diego screamed they were “¡re contentos, che!”. My first friends were two twitter users who, for months, sent warning

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Customize your happiness!

We live surrounded by customized experiences: souvenirs, cars, travel itineraries, Santa Claus greetings, ads. We pay thousands of dollars customizing clothes for us, the kids and the pets. We want everything to fit our preferences, our realities, and our life.   Our identities are rooted in what represents us as individuals and we talk often about the things that makes us different from others, how we “stand out” from the crowd.  Yet, there is an aspect of many people’s lives that stays rooted in traditions and is transmitted one generation after another. Year go by, technology makes our days fast-paced, we see how the youngest grow and change...But “Happiness” seems to be static, defined by the same parameters forever.  Let’s say you’re a 40-year-old female, independent, single, professionally fulfilled and with an active social life. You get home after an afternoon with your family and you go straight to the mirror

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Iguazu or Iguaçu: a World Natural Wonder between two countries

Traveling with friends is not my favorite activity because you never know what co-existing in tiny spaces can do to relationships. However, some trips are cheaper if based on adult double occupancy, so it was easy to say yes to travel with my friend Mara.  I had been living in Argentina for a while when a friend proposed that we visit the Iguazu Waterfalls, as a way to escape -did I say “escape”?- our very intense lives for a few days. It seemed like a place to marvel at something and relax, but it was more than that.  Pride is one of the biggest flaws of human beings. I’ve suffered from it; I’ve felt better, smarter, and stronger than others. When things work out right for you, it’s very easy to fall into the pride-trap: my life is way better than everybody else’s...But God, life, the Universe, or however you

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LA School of Life

The Bank Of Hope    Immediately after my early return to LA, I had to visit Avianca’s offices to make sure everything was OK with my flight. It was a cold, rainy day -very unusual for LA- and I was very nervous about what they could say. By then, some countries had started to close their borders and Argentina had joined that group 4 days ago.    When I got there, most of the people in the line were +60, from El Salvador and Guatemala. They were there because their flights had already been canceled. I felt “lucky”, because my flight was still confirmed but...for how long?    I decided to look up and take a deep breath to avoid the anxiety trap and there it was...The Bank Of Hope. Right next door to the airline’s office, this big green sign caught my attention. Is it even real? What does

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The End of Daddy Issues

My parents split up when I was 3 years old. I don’t have a lot of memories from back then, but I do remember the exact moment when I knew he’d gone and the abandonment feeling installed in my heart and mind. I was waiting for him, looking down the balcony at my grandmother’s apartment. I waited, and waited, and waited… But he didn’t show up. That was the same day I chose to live disconnected from others because “if I don’t feel, then I don’t hurt”.    To be fair, he did show up in other occasions and we shared ice creams, movies, songs, car rides. I grew up and spent some time with him at work, so I learned about TV and movies industry, from scripts to editing. I made friends with some of his friends, I got to meet interesting people and even got to officially work

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