Diana Silva Franco

Professional journalist. Passionate communicator. Restless soul

A decade ago I left behind a life influenced by family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances to find my own voice. It wasn’t the easiest decision, but the best without a doubt! 

I am inspired by explorers and adventurers, with whom I have long conversations that encompass life wisdom, cocktail recipes and everything in between.

«I learned to talk at 9 months, and to communicate 25 years later. That’s how long it took me to understand that talking a lot is not part of effective communication»

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Diana Silva Franco

Periodista profesional. Comunicadora apasionada. Alma inquieta

La mayoría de las veces, sin embargo, disfruto quedándome en casa, escuchando audiolibros, meditando o descorchando un vino mientras mi esposo cocina para dos.

Me inspiran los exploradores y los viajeros. Cuando salgo, lo más probable es que esté teniendo largas conversaciones que abarcan la sabiduría de la vida, recetas de cócteles y todo lo demás.

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Communications Consultant

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with brands and organizations that are not trying to sell things to the public. Rather, most of these companies or institutions want to raise awareness, educate, entertain and empower their audiences in a variety of ways. And, thanks to my background and profession, I have led the teams responsible for building and amplifying their messages.

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«The key is to align ourselves with the message to be communicated. In this way we convey the idea and emotion and connect with our audience»

Diana Silva Franco

Travel is my passion. Communicating is my superpower…

I believe that a trip begins when we plan it, feeds on the experiences lived at the destination and culminates when we turn it into a chronicle, so that those who read it can share a bit of that magic.