Customize your happiness!

We live surrounded by customized experiences: souvenirs, cars, travel itineraries, Santa Claus greetings, ads. We pay thousands of dollars customizing clothes for us, the kids and the pets. We want everything to fit our preferences, our realities, and our life.   Our identities are rooted in what represents us as individuals and we talk often about the things that makes us different from others, how we “stand out” from the crowd.  Yet, there is an aspect of many people’s lives that stays rooted in traditions and is transmitted one generation after another. Year go by, technology makes our days fast-paced, we see how the youngest grow and change...But “Happiness” seems to be static, defined by the same parameters forever.  Let’s say you’re a 40-year-old female, independent, single, professionally fulfilled and with an active social life. You get home after an afternoon with your family and you go straight to the mirror