Communicate to Inspire 

Comunicar para Inspirar is my response to the need for exposure I have perceived from NGO leaders, social entrepreneurs, and changemakers. My role is to help them be seen and heard by:

  • Building an identity that states the motivation behind their work.
  • Crafting key messages that express their realistic goals and big dreams.
  • Developing communication and content strategies that reflect their vision and inspire their audience.

We achieve this together, leveraging their passion and drive and my personal superpower: communication.

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Strategic Communications

While they wake up in the morning to act on what matters to them, I carefully select the words to describe their project and use them to build a bridge that brings them closer to potential advocates, supporters, volunteers, and investors.
When positive initiatives are visible, we create a narrative that changes the world, one neighbourhood, one community, one village at a time.

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Comunicar para Inspirar

A lo largo de mi carrera he tenido el privilegio de trabajar con marcas y organizaciones que no intentan vender cosas al público.

Es más, la mayoría de estas empresas o instituciones quieren generar consciencia, educar, entretener y empoderar a sus audiencias de distintas formas. Y, gracias a mi formación y profesión, he encabezado a los equipos responsables de construir y amplificar sus mensajes.


Effective Communication 

Through Communicate to Inspire, I want to convey the idea that we can all use words and emotions to get to know each other, to get closer and, above all, to connect.

As a communications specialist and journalist, I have the opportunity to work in any industry. And I choose to use my knowledge, talents and tools to make your idea shine. I want to Communicate to Inspire and I know that we can do it together.

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Your initiative is more valuable than you think. Once you put it out in the world, people who share your vision can support it and generate positive advances in their lives, communities, and environments.


“Through Comunicar para Inspirar, I want to convey the idea that we can use words and emotions to get to know each other, to get closer and, above all, to connect.”

Regardless of how your current communication strategy looks like, we can work together to find its unique voice and the emotions associated to it. It is from this place of authenticity that connection happens.

We start with a call to get to know you and your project, understand your objectives and define our timeframe. Based on these details, I create a tailored proposal that can be adapted to the available budget and, once you agree, the magic happens!

For Individuals 

Communicating your venture, your idea or your identity starts with knowing its origin and the emotions associated with it.

Finding the right words and building key messages is possible, with a joint and staggered work.

Each session will help you deepen your understanding of who you are, what motivates you and what your purpose is. Progressively, we will determine the words that are most authentic and attached to your core concept.


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For Organizations

Internal Communication

Interaction between teams and colleagues is a determining factor in the success of any organization. Keeping your collaborators human when communicating in hybrid or virtual environments can make all the difference.

With a format adapted to your needs, we can appeal to the human connection and make it part of everyday work. In this way, verbal and written communication becomes a tool that strengthens the team and optimizes its talents and resources.

Authenticity, respect and assertiveness are the pillars of this work, which positively impacts the well-being of the collaborators and, consequently, the results of the business.


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For Organizations

External Communication

Producing content in multiple formats and for multiple platforms does not guarantee that your key messages will resonate with your audience.  

Knowing who is on the other side is important but knowing what differentiates you as a company or institution is even more important.  

Starting from the core identity of your organization, it is possible to refresh your key messages, define which formats are the most effective to expose them and which platforms to use.   

In communication, as in many other aspects of business, less is more. Not all channels are ideal for disseminating your messages. Together with your communications team, we will study the business priorities, the messages that support them and the formats that give them the best visibility.   

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